With its numerous rivers and lakes, the Landes’ department offers several places where you can practice canoe-kayak.

Léon’s lake, which is much frequented by fishermen, is classified as a Natural Reserve and preserve a perfect zone for outdoor activities : a lake beach, green spaces, cycle path…

At the lake, many activities for all the family can be practiced : boat cruising, pedalo, canoe-kayak, children games, mini-golf, tennis, windsurf…


Why should you go on holidays on the other side of the planet when the Landes is a region which has so many landscapes and entertainments to offer ?!

Léon‘s lake is an ideal place under the pines to have a peaceful and secured swim, without the waves of the ocean. A perfect way to enjoy with all the family.

The Courant d’Huchet natural park

Experience the Huchet current, or the “small Amazonia” as we call it here, from the inside, on a Galupe (a flat bottomed small boat) thanks to local boatmen.

From Léon, this boat trip lasts between 2 and 4 hours, in the Natural Reserve. 10 km on the water to discover the typical fauna and flora of the landese landscapes.